An Introduction to Me and the Blog

My Disney and Universal passion started in 2011 when I was planning a trip for my wife’s (then girlfriend) first trip to the parks. This had to be perfect, as I was planning to propose. This had me go deep into the Walt Disney World websites, and fan sites to see what other people would suggest or have done. Add to that I had gone through a Travel Agent that helped pull off one of the best trips I ever had.

After our first trip, we wanted to try and make it an annual trip. Because of this, I would start to dig deeper into the planning. What were these after hour parties? There are mini golf courses on property? Who has the best steak? What is DVC? There’s more than Walt Disney World and Disneyland in the US? What’s HHN? Who knew Universal had their own hotels?

As time went on, it went from me getting suggestions from my travel agent to me just saying what we wanted. From the hotel rooms to the dining, I had everything planned, and started to find this hobby too much more enjoyable than I thought it would have been.

One trip a year went to two, and then three, and soon we were going about once a month. We never needed a reason to go, but we always found a way to get down there. What once was strictly WDW trips with Universal on the side, to Universal only trips. The love for all the parks in Orlando started to make its way to me. And the bug of planning only got worse.

As friends and families started to ask me about planning their trips with them, it was then I realized I should try and do this as a side job. I was connected with MTE Vacations/ My Travel Elf in 2015, and started my journey as a Disney and Universal focused Vacation planner.

That’s just a little about me, we are starting a new phase in life, where we will be starting to bring a child with us to the parks we love, and creating memories with him. As we take this journey, join me. I may not say too many new things, but it will be my honest opinion on all the things we see and experience.

The purpose of this blog isn’t going to be about the latest news of the parks, there are other sites that will copy and paste articles for that. This blog is going to be about mine and my friends thoughts on what is going on at the parks. Our thoughts about the news that has come out, how that news might effect you, and how to help you plan the best vacation you can have.

At the bottom of every article you will find a link to get in touch with the author, that way if you want them to plan your next vacation, or if you have any questions, you can reach out directly to them.


Published by Jason

I’m a huge Disney and Universal Fan, and try to make at least one trip a year to Orlando to visit the parks there. I also love to go out to Disneyland in California, but that’s just about every other year. I am a travel agent with MTE Vacations, and would love you help you plan your next Disney Destination or Universal Resort Vacations! Contact me today with a no obligation quote at

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